Sam Matheson has always been obsessed with vampires, from the time he was a child watching them on children’s programs to when he was a college student reading horror novels on the side.

On his 21st birthday, a mysterious old man offers him a peculiar career choice: become an assistant to a real life vampire.  Intrigued, Sam meets Simon Bolivar, a 400-year old bloodsucker.

Everything about the Vampire does hold some truth to it — a truth followed by a dose of hard-reality.  Sam soon realizes that it’s not so cool to serve an immortal with a penchant for neurotic behavior.

Told from Sam’s point of view, The Familiar is for anyone who has ever pursued their dream, only to watch it twist into an unrecognizable nightmare.  Be careful what you wish for…it may come back to bite you in the end.

Bolivar Appears_Fotor

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