“Wonderful treatment of a very popular subject… I love the film’s point of view… The casting was great… Well made… enjoyable to watch. Great job!”
– Joe Alves, production designer of Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Escape From New York

“…mixes horror and comedy so successfully that it becomes hard to truly distinguish one from the other. The merging of the two genres is no easy feat — what comes to mind is Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Ho-Tep, but even that film bends more toward laughs than chills. The Familiar is a perfect blend of both.”
– Marla Newborn, Fangoria Magazine

” …the small cast is superb and the film looks great, belying the $15,000 budget.”
– John W Bowen, Rue-Morgue Magazine

“The camera work, the direction, the writing and the performances all exceeded my expectations and I’m sure we can expect great things from Kody Zimmermann. The Familiar is certainly superior to most of the short films I’ve seen on the festival circuit recently.”
– Stalk n Slash

“It was not until The Familiar by Kody Zimmermann, that I was reminded where I actually was because of the sheer brilliance encompassed within it… Zimmermann constructed a spoof of the Dracula myth, while creating a stable and intriguing concept.”
– Review Fix

“Each scene is either rich in action or comedic delivery of well-timed lines. The film is exciting to watch, with the pacing delivering the story effectively and concisely.”
– 28 Days Later Analysis

The Familiar does for vampires what Shaun of the Dead did for zombies.”
– Fatally Yours

Bolivar Postures_Fotor

“…Truly an original take on a worn out genre.”
– Seattle Rock Guy

“In the film’s 22 minute running time we get more entertainment value than some movies cram into 90.”
– Quiet Earth

The Familiar is a big win for first time director Kody Zimmermann.”
– I Like Horror Films

“Boasting solid pacing, active (rather than overactive) camerawork, striking composition and even some effective visual effects, The Familiar shows an assured directorial hand…”
– Shadows & Screams

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