Sam is obsessed with vampires, until one day, he is given the unique opportunity to become one’s assistant. At first, finding victims and hiding corpses seems great, but after a few years of doing his taxes, cleaning his suits, and bathing his bloodsucking boss, the job begins to ware on him… The last several years have provided a breath of fresh air for the moldy old vampire film, with shorts like YOU ARE SO UNDEAD and now THE FAMILIAR revitalizing the genre with a hip young scripts despite the disastrous effect the TWILIGHT saga has had on Horror fans. Zimmermann’s dry, witty writing playfully pokes fun at genre conventions while cleverly relating the unrecognized efforts of his protagonist to the disenchantment of the average white collar worker. Coombs and Hubbard are great together, in a brilliant cross between NOSFERATU and OFFICE SPACE. The special effects for the size and budget are also top rate, with a stylish mood and atmosphere that has a Modern Gothic appeal. THE FAMILIAR is a big win for first time director Kody Zimmermann!

Rating: 8/10