CHOP: a short film

Horror | Supernatural ThrillerNorth American | English

Writer | Director | Producer:  Kody Zimmermann

Starring: Luisa Jojic, Fable Zimmermann

Co-Producers: Al CooperSophie Zimmermann, Lecily Corbett, Michael George

Synopsis: A sense of anxiousness comes over a mother when she discovers her daughter whispering to someone or something from the other room.

Director’s Statement: The most rewarding job I ever had was as a stay-at-home dad.  Sorry to disappoint the uninitiated, but it’s not all bonbons and Oprah at 4.  It’s a lot of work that requires a lot of focus.

Day in and day out, you’re asked questions about everything.  You name it, you’re there to supply an answer; sometimes even an answer to the answer.  Your day is filled with noise and chaos until you’re relieved when the spouse’s shift ends at work.

But I’ll tell you what’s worse than the endless roar of cacophony.  It’s when you realize everything is silent.  Silence means something is afoot.  Silence means trouble is brewing.  Silence means you’re going to have to investigate.

CHOP was born out of that silence.  It was born out of hearing my daughter whisper one afternoon to an imaginative friend.  At least I’m hoping it was an imaginative friend.  And if it wasn’t, I hope at least it liked my cooking.

Technical Detail: Color / 1.78 (16×9 video) / Alexa HDV