Kody Zimmermann grew up on a steady diet of comic books, genre novels and sci-fi/horror films. He has established himself as a writer and director of short films, recently completing the The Familiar, which screened worldwide in over 50 festivals and has won numerous awards including Best Short Film at the Sitges Film Festival, the oldest and most prestigious genre festival in the world. The Familiar was also been nominated by the Director’s Guild of Canada for Best Short Film and now airs regularly on the Sundance Channel and Movie Central.

Kody also shot the short We Can Get Them For You Wholesale, an official adaptation of author Neil Gaiman’s critically acclaimed story of the same name.

Kody optioned his first screenplay The Revenant in 2003. His script, The House On Widow’s Walk made the Semi-Finalist list for The Slamdance Horror Screenwriting Competition, as well as a Finalist position in the WriteMovies Screenwriting Competition. The Hollow Season made the Semi-Finalist list for the Screamfest Screenplay competition in 2013.

Kody has worked in production of Vancouver’s film industry for twelve years, from Sylvester Stallone’s DeTox to Will Smith’s I, Robot. While working on The 6th Day, he produced and directed a segment featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Quotes About Kody Zimmermann

” …Zimmermann directs with panache.”
-John W Bowen, Rue-Morgue Magazine

“… I would not be surprised at all that within the next few years his name is spoken in the same breath as Edger Wright (Shaun of the Dead) and genre mogul Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Avengers). Like Wright, Zimmermann intrinsically knows the language of film and is primed to create a modern classic; all the ingredients for his success are already there in his film The Familiar.”
– Vance Garrett, Independent Film Reviews

“If Kody Zimmermann got to make a feature, I would be first in line.”
– Horror Movie A Day

“I’m sure we can expect great things from Kody Zimmermann.”
– Stalk n Slash

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